OES Industries LLC, started as a stainless steel fabricator using state-of-the-art laser cutting technology to customize heavy duty truck components in 2006. Due to our success in this industry, we have expanded our metal fabrication services, offering custom manufacturing, which includes a diverse group of companies and job shops in a wide array of industries.

OES Industries offer a “turn-key” solution for all your fabrication and custom design needs. We use “Solid Works” CAD software to transform your ideas into great products by uploading your design into our computer software system. And, upon request we will design and create drawings for you if you do not have the capability or technology.

With our experience and expertise, we offer a quick turnaround, with the highest standard of quality. We are ideally located in the center of America’s manufacturing heartland, in South Dakota, to deliver timely services all across North America.

Our industrial, “state-of-the-art” Bystronic laser cutting g machinery exhibits tremendous production capabilities. The 4400 watt Bystronic laser utilizes a 60” x 120” table with an automatic unloading system, for all metal and aluminum materials. Our new, (July 2012,) 6000 watt Bystronic laser offers a 78” x 162” table for larger material capability, and also has an automatic steel.unloading system. Additionally, the 6000 watt laser is a “combination laser” which can easily be converted to a tube laser, enabling OES Industries to broaden its scope of capability for our customers.

To serve our customer needs, of fast turnaround from job order to shipping, we continue to improve our process and technology. By using programmed engineering capability, our laser machinery can cut with a +/-.003 tolerance, all combined to provide high quality, and very competitive pricing. We can custom cut aluminum, various grades of carbon steel, galvanized steel and many grades of stainless steel, ranging from 30 gauge (.0125”) to 1-1/4” thick with extremely high quality. Additionally, our lasers are designed to etch and/or engrave; a feature especially useful for companies who need to identify or mark parts for certain patent reasons, or installation purposes. By using ever improving technology, we are able to create products quickly and effectively for our customers. We also have partners should your needs be for up to 2/12” thick steel.

As a support to our laser cutting technology, OES Industries forms materials with two Trumpf brake presses, and a third new 2014 Bystronic brake press. OES further offers certified welding services and assembly for an array of vendor products, and more. With our in-house design, cutting, forming, finishing, skin press packaging, and shipping capabilities, our experienced team holds to a promise of “on timely delivery.” OES also works with a variety of partners in the areas of specialized finishing, painting, powder coating, and galvanizing to insure deadlines are always honored.

For manufacturers who require its suppliers to manage a “Kanban” inventory stocking system, OES Industries offers the practice of the “Kanban” process. We organize and control production inventory for our vendors, so lead times are met and company production lines achieve efficiency to meet customer demand. Lastly, OES works with post frame, commercial, residential and concrete companies, fabricating universal metal brackets and angles that can be used at corners, door jambs, columns, trusses and many more applications.

Thank you for taking the time to read and learn about us. Let’s begin working together for a brighter future of Made in America.